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shades of green

top: joe fresh | jeans: zara | wedges: sam edelman | purse: melie bianco | necklace: f21 | shades: marc jacobs | watch: timex

Just a quick Friday post showcasing shades of my favorite color. Peep my little man face in the top picture :) he snuck his little butt in there!

Wishing you all a happy and fun weekend, enjoy the weather!! 




dress: mystique boutique | shoes: zara | purse: melie bianco | shades: d&g | necklace: premier designs | ring: jewelmint

Meet my new favorite Melie Bianco bag that I have not been able to put down since I purchased a few weeks back.  I’ve changed purses a few times since but every couple of days I circle right back to this beauty.  The color is the perfect tangerine orange (the pictures don’t do it justice - not to mention these were all taken with my iPhone) and the structured composition just feels so put together and lady like. The outfit possibilities are endless!

ps: please ignore the wrinkled dress unfortunately this is the result of taking pictures after work when clearly my morning iron job has worn off. Ok fine, who am I kidding this dress never saw an iron. But I swear it didn’t look this wrinkled when I left the house in the morning!



mustard & gingham

top: forever 21 | pants: h&m | flats: steve madden | shades: d&g | necklace: etsy

Surprisingly these mustard pants have served me very well since I bought them last fall.  You’d think that the color would be limiting but actually they go with almost anything…almost! And well, this shirt has also seen its wear a little more often than I’d like to admit! But I guess that’s the point of buying clothes, right? To wear them over and over each time in a different way.  Speaking of, I’m going to be starting a “remix” segment here on thestylebit showing one article of clothing worn several different ways so look out :)



not so mellow yellow

blazer & top: zara | jeans: pacsun | shoes: anne klein | bag: mango | scarf: h&m | shades: d&g

I love how something as simple as a yellow blazer can transform the look of an outfit from drab to fab!  The bright yellow was especially necessary on this dreary Friday.  These pictures were taken on one of my weekly “date nights” with my dear old bean Christelle (yes, we call each other beans, a nickname we picked up in college and haven’t left behind since!)  After work we decided to head to Bryant Park for a nice little stroll and stopped to take these shots in front of the New York Public Library.  Afterwards,we had a lovely dinner before calling it a night! A perfect date night with a best friend was the greatest way to end the week.

Thanks for the shots beana :)



leopard brights

top: macys | jeans: uniqlo | shoes: old navy | shades: d&g | watch: timex |  necklace: spike the punch

Just a quick Friday post to say hello and show you an outfit I wore a few weeks back.  I know I’ve been slacking with my posts lately but to be honest my outfits have been pretty lack luster these days what with the cold rainy weather we’ve been having. Back to regular posting next week.  Promise!

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend lovelies!



Pops of Color

dress: banana republic | blazer: loft | shoes: urban outfitters | purse: zara | belt: f21 | shades: D&G

The weather in NY these days is so up and down, I can’t even deal. The only way I know how to keep my spirits up is by wearing lots of pops of color! This day was actually mildly warm, which explains the bare legs but these photos were also taken early last week and since then the sunshine has made minimal appearances.

Getting back to the outfit, I really like how the striped blazer kind of balances out all of the colors going on.  To be honest, I don’t find that there is much that stripes don’t compliment. Anyone else with me?

Christmas Combo

dress and leggings: american apparel | bag and shoes: zara | belt: h&m | necklace: forever 21

This color combo was not intentional, I had actually been wearing this little mini tote for a few days prior and in my usual morning rush didn’t have time to switch purses.  At first I wasn’t really thrilled with the “Christmas” combo but looking back at the pictures I actually don’t think it looked so bad.  My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the necklace which I scored at forever 21 a few months back! That store can be so hit or miss but this was definitely a jewel of a find. Get it? Hah!

The last picture below is the result of my friend attempting to take a candid shot of me walking across the street, to no avail. Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve never been good with candid shots.  Whenever I see a camera pointed in my direction my instinct is to stop and smile. So I did not really caring that a cab was coming in my direction.  Of course at that precise moment the camera wouldn’t snap the picture leaving me awkwardly standing in the middle of the street waiting for the flash to go off while the cab driver is honking up a storm ready to run me over and angry pedestrians are trying to walk around me.  You can totally see it all on my face. Everything about this picture screams awkward and posed for a shot that was supposed to be natural and candid! From my stance, to my smile, I can only imagine what my eyes must have looked like beneath the dark shades. Ahh the things I do for fashion…and a good photo!

polka dot top knot

Polka dots are like my stripes.  I love them in all shapes, colors and sizes. I think they add just the right amount of punch to an outfit and they always feel very ladylike. I also am very much enjoying the top knot trend. It is the perfect solution for bad/lazy hair days, which if I’m being honest, happen quite often for me especially now since my hair is in an awkward middle stage.  I don’t know whether I should cut it again and go shorter or let it grow out.  Fair warning, you’ll be seeing the top knot ALOT in posts to come so don’t judge! I’ll also probably be throwing in some polkas here and there.

The picture below was my favorite of the bunch, it feels very retro to me. ps: how much are you loving my yellow nail polish? It was only $1.99! I die.

walking on sunshine

top: old navy | skirt: lauren conrad via kohls | shoes: elle via kohls | belt: target | watch: michael kors

What you are seeing right here is a milestone. It was the first day of this year that I stepped outside with no tights AND open toed shoes. double whammy. I was a happy happy girl basking in the warm 80 degree sunshine. And what better way to celebrate the warm weather then to wear yellow! I’ve honestly never been much of a yellow girl but for some reason every time I walk into a store I’m immediately drawn to any shade of the color and more often then not walk out with something in the yellow family. Neon, pastel, mustard, you name it.  My collection is quickly growing and I can’t say I’m mad at it.