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Does the Easter bunny bring shoe candy?

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

Happy Friday all!

I dont think I’ve mentioned it here on the blog but I decided to give up shoe shopping for lent, among other things. I know, I know you’re probably thinking how many shoes can you possible buy in 40 days.  If you knew me, you’d get it. Shoes are my weakness and the change in season isn’t helping - neither is the fact that the new DSW store just opened up on 34th street, complete with extra savings coupons that will undoubtebly have to go to waist on me :( shame, shame.  Anywhoodle, here are some shoes I’ve had my eye on recently.  I know I can’t touch but it’s nice to stare, and stare…and stare.  Until April 8th that is, then it’s all fair game.  My bank account obviously wont let me have them all but thats why they call it a wishlist. 

Sure hope the Easter Bunny is reading :)

X’S & O’S

Skirt & Blazer: H&M | Shirt: Espirit | Necklace & Xo Rings: Jewelmint

I just got this jewelmint necklace and haven’t been able to take it off my neck since.  It’s so delicate and simple but the 3 layers still adds a unique dimension to the look.  It also doesn’t hurt that it goes with everything! On this day I paired it with my former favorite jewelmint piece, the Xo rings.  If you haven’t already, check out Jewelmint and browse their selection of amazing jewelry. I’ll warn you -It’s addicting! 

On a completely different note unrelated to fashion - I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you all to watch this video.  After watching it this morning I feel compelled to spread the word in any small way that I can.  Please take a moment (30 minutes to be exact) and educate yourself on Joseph Kony and why he must be stopped.  Awareness is power - lets all empower ourselves to make a difference!  For more information on how you can get involved visit the official Kony 2012 site here.



instabits of life

Here are some recent instagram pictures documenting my life as of late.  Instagram was one of the outlets that kind of inspired me to start this blog and as much as I love posting here, it’s just easier to snap and go with my iphone. Enjoy the bits and pieces.

1.     evening out enjoying a late night sweet indulgence at Eddies Sweet Shop

2.     showing off my new Timex watch

3.     cat eyes & spring scarf

4.     my last shoe indulgence before my 40 day Lent hiatus

5.     hrhc ombre metals  & Swatch watch

6.     my brand new Cannon lens – anniversary gift from my one and only

7.     movie night with the boy

8.     babygirl Virginia and I – one of our very first moments.

black & white & peplum

top: h&m | skirt: joe fresh | boots: bakers shoes | bag: michael kors | belt: forever 21

There aren’t many silhouettes that I can get away with wearing, given my petite (ok fine, short) stature but I’m happily embracing the peplum trend thats popped up recently.  I find that its rather slimming and adds the perfect feminine/flirty touch to any outfit. 

Weekends have been going by so fast for me lately.  It seems like before I know it I’m sitting on my couch on Sunday night dreading the morning to come and even more so the week to come before I can, once again, say hello to another weekend…I really love my weekends, folks.



magic hour

These pictures were taken this weekend right before sunset (the magic hour) but really this post is just to share some truly wonderful news :)

Today the most beautiful baby in all of the world was born. my niece (first, ever)…

Virginia Anne Trinidad

I can’t wait to see her grow right before my very eyes. She’s already such a beauty I can’t imagine her becoming any more beautiful but I know she will and I could not feel any more excited and blessed to be her aunt!

I love you so much already little bit :) Xxx


shirt: express | sweater: espirit | pants: new york & company | pumps: aldo | necklace: ebay | color block tote: old navy | watch: michael kors

I love taking a classic look and jazzing it up with some bright colors. I’ve also always loved the yellow and red pairing.  They are both such strong and bold colors and together they make such a great statement that everything else can remain pretty basic.

I took this opportunity to bring out my new old navy bag (spotted in this post). This was my first time styling this tote but I can already tell that it is going to be a spring/summer staple!

muted tones and mixed metals

sweater: american rag | jeans: gap | boots: target | purse: pour la victoire | necklace & bracelet: HRH collection ombre bracelets and original silver cuff | watch : swatch

Most mornings I wake up and immediately gravitate towards color or sparkle or some kind of pizazz but then there are days (like this one) where muted tones just call to me.  Sometimes less is more and on this day I was all about the basic black and grays.  And of course, my purple swatch watch came in handy to give the outfit just the slightest pop of color.

I almost forgot to mention how much I LOVE these gap jeans, the subtle dose of leopard amps up the cool factor on any outfit.




8 years ago today I began dating the handsome young fellow you see above. Thats Jason. My boyfriend, my partner in life & my best friend. Thank you for choosing me to share your life with. Happy anniversary babe, I love you.


Stripes and bold colors are pretty much dominating my wardrobe these days and I’m sort of kind of loving it. Also, I just recently scored this structured blazer at h&m for the ridiculously low price of $20. It looks and feels like a million bucks, and I’m a sucker for steals!

H&M, once again, you had me at hello…

meet me on fifth

sweater: h&m | skirt: mango | clutch: miu miu | boots: sketchers | ring: avon | necklace: l&t 

Ever since I started working (in the real world) my offices have always been located in and around the 5th ave area.  Taking pictures on 34th & 5th was super convenient and I felt right at home.  The building behind me in the picture above is actually the Empire State building.  I love my city so much and couldn’t even imagine relocating permanently.  Don’t get me wrong aside from fashion, travel is my biggest passion.  I would definitely love to spend some time maybe on the west coast for a few years but at the end of the day New York is my home and you always come back home.