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cardigan + floral pants: h&m | shoes: zara | watch: michael kors 

As I’m sure we’ve all seen by now, along with neon and pastels, florals are everywhere this season. Honestly I think florals are just a spring season staple and not necessarily a SS12 trend but this particular spring I’m all about the floral print trousers and it was quite a mission to find the perfect pair.

These one’s were my first attempt, and while I do like them they just weren’t exactly what I was looking for but for the $15 price point I couldn’t pass them up.  I’ve actually already gotten some good use out of them.  This was the second time I wore them and since then, I’ve worn them one other time. Hmm, possible remix post? Ideas swirling in my head… anyway, luckily a few days after I found these, I snagged the most darling pair from zara and I will most definitely show them in a future post.

On this day, I couldnt find a shirt to wear with them that was office appropriate so I decided to pair them with my blue cardigan and just wore it backwards.  I kind of liked the results of the backwards cardigan and will probably do this more often, especially since it eliminates having to wear a camisole underneath so as not to show too much cleavage.  The pretty back detailing is an added bonus! 

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