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polka dot top knot

Polka dots are like my stripes.  I love them in all shapes, colors and sizes. I think they add just the right amount of punch to an outfit and they always feel very ladylike. I also am very much enjoying the top knot trend. It is the perfect solution for bad/lazy hair days, which if I’m being honest, happen quite often for me especially now since my hair is in an awkward middle stage.  I don’t know whether I should cut it again and go shorter or let it grow out.  Fair warning, you’ll be seeing the top knot ALOT in posts to come so don’t judge! I’ll also probably be throwing in some polkas here and there.

The picture below was my favorite of the bunch, it feels very retro to me. ps: how much are you loving my yellow nail polish? It was only $1.99! I die.

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