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Christmas Combo

dress and leggings: american apparel | bag and shoes: zara | belt: h&m | necklace: forever 21

This color combo was not intentional, I had actually been wearing this little mini tote for a few days prior and in my usual morning rush didn’t have time to switch purses.  At first I wasn’t really thrilled with the “Christmas” combo but looking back at the pictures I actually don’t think it looked so bad.  My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the necklace which I scored at forever 21 a few months back! That store can be so hit or miss but this was definitely a jewel of a find. Get it? Hah!

The last picture below is the result of my friend attempting to take a candid shot of me walking across the street, to no avail. Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve never been good with candid shots.  Whenever I see a camera pointed in my direction my instinct is to stop and smile. So I did not really caring that a cab was coming in my direction.  Of course at that precise moment the camera wouldn’t snap the picture leaving me awkwardly standing in the middle of the street waiting for the flash to go off while the cab driver is honking up a storm ready to run me over and angry pedestrians are trying to walk around me.  You can totally see it all on my face. Everything about this picture screams awkward and posed for a shot that was supposed to be natural and candid! From my stance, to my smile, I can only imagine what my eyes must have looked like beneath the dark shades. Ahh the things I do for fashion…and a good photo!

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