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dress: mystique boutique | shoes: zara | purse: melie bianco | shades: d&g | necklace: premier designs | ring: jewelmint

Meet my new favorite Melie Bianco bag that I have not been able to put down since I purchased a few weeks back.  I’ve changed purses a few times since but every couple of days I circle right back to this beauty.  The color is the perfect tangerine orange (the pictures don’t do it justice - not to mention these were all taken with my iPhone) and the structured composition just feels so put together and lady like. The outfit possibilities are endless!

ps: please ignore the wrinkled dress unfortunately this is the result of taking pictures after work when clearly my morning iron job has worn off. Ok fine, who am I kidding this dress never saw an iron. But I swear it didn’t look this wrinkled when I left the house in the morning!



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